On this page you will find music that I think is interesting, have created myself, is related to my work,  or feel like sharing with people. Please have a browse through and enjoy the songs.

To listen to the songs just click the title links. To download them right click then select save target as.

I dont understand but I feel you

I haven’t the faintest idea what she is singing about but the song is still powerful and interesting. To me anyway.


My Fly High Dubstep Mix

This playlist is freshly made from several tracks that I recorded myself mixing on Virtual DJ. Some beats by Digital Mystikz, Rusko, Reggae Mix, Dubstep Essential mix. I then had a bit of fun with the tracks by editing them in Sony Vegas so that the beat flowed properly. I cut out pieces of different beats and mixed them together into a track that I enjoyed listening to and that I hoped others would enjoy. Anyway you can download this track and listen to it yourself and tell me your thoughts.

Ancient Memories

A song by Digital Mystikz that I find particularly interesting.

Jenova Project

An Intimidating dubstep beat by Datsik

Death (Chase & Status Remix) – White Lies

A cool song about fear. I used this song to make a music video called Underwater Flying. Which is soon to be released.


1st Trance Playlist Soundtrack

This is a playlist designed to run for 1 hour that I extracted off of the Master of Trance playlist i built in September that has a music video for each of these songs. It is very calm and chilled out in most places but the tempo slowly changes as it progresses.

Tracks Used:1- If We Ever by High Contrast. 2 – Forever – Rusko. 3 –  We are IE – Caspa & Rusko Remix. 4 –  The Passage – Model 500. 5 – Skyway – Infiniti.  6 – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – High Contrast. 7 – Everybody – Rudenko. 8 – Amazing – Inna. 9 – Hold On – Rusko. 10 – Born to do it – Rusko. 11 – Girl from codeine city – Rusko. 12 – Legacy – Rusko. 13 – Legacy – Rusko. 14 – Off to Battle – Model 500.

Jah Jah Is Coming

I made this track a while ago by de-constructing a beat by Excision called Yout man, I then reconstructed it and added effects to it to create a new one.  Those of you who new Jah Jah would understand the songs personal relevance.

Chill out Music

A Zed & 2 L’s

Possibly the best chill out tune that I know of, its by Filla Brazilia. Relax and enjoy it.

Hare Krishna king britt funke mix

Imagine Buddhist monks slowly chanting to the sound of some amazing techno. By Verve Remixed

Biosphere – The Shield

This song is very trippy and constantly changes I would call it an evolution beat.

Never Trust A Guy… Who’s Never Been A Punk

Another evolution beat by Sporto Kantes


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