My Video Archive

Forever Space

A video that I made about the big bang, the universe and how much about the universe we know about. Footage from A Cosmic Voyage. Track called Forever by Rusko. I wanted to show people the beauty in the size and structure of the Universe. Not many people truly understand just how big the Universe is. This video will give them a sense of perspective as to our place in the universe.


Destiny In Space

Is a music video I created out of a documentary about mankind’s trips into outer space and the planets within our solar system. Its mixed with a track called We are IE by Rusko. To create a video to take you outside of this world for a brief moment. Ill show you some amazing outer space footage you get to see what astronauts do out in space and take you on a virtual tour of the surface of Venus.



A music video I made about the sun. I don’t  get see enough of it in the UK! The footage is from the film Sunshine. The song is called The Passage by Model 500.


Step On My Trip

This is a music video that  made in pure form simply by mixing footage of an F22 Raptor  flying into an amazing sunset from a video I found called Enraptorated.  With a song by Dub FX  who makes beats purely by using his voice and looping the sounds he makes this song is called Step on My Trip. They worked so well together I decided to keep this video simple and not add too many filters. I want people to realize that when they watch my videos in the right order or in Master playlist form essentially they are stepping into my trip.


Fly with me into Excision.

I took a track called Ying Yang ft DZ by Excision and reconstructed it into different parts then reconstructed it using chosen pieces into a new  track. I then added reverb effects to it and added some filters to the track. This was the first track I have ever made. The video I chose to go with it was a clip on youtube called Going Pro HD of an amazing sky-surfer I then colour corrected and sharpened the image then placed it on top of the track. I want to try to inspire people to get over their fears in life and try new things because you may discover something truly amazing.



A music video about flying through the clouds in an amazing man-made invention. The footage is from a French movie called Jet Fighter. The song is by Infiniti called Skyway. That’s right I do it my way. Anyway enjoy the video.


Underwater Flying

Let go of your fears and fly underwater. I was in my room one day thought of all the stupid and crazy stunts I’ve pulled off and decided to make a  few videos to try help other people overcome their fears and see what amazing experiences people have when they’re not afraid to dive into the unknown. The footage used is from a video of a man underwater base jumping and going Going Pro HD Surfing video and a video of a man having some fun wake boarding. I re- rendered this video because the original did not upload. Even so uploading it seems to have drastically affected the quality. I will have words with WordPress about that. Anyway enjoy the dive.


Imagine the Love

A music video about love made from the film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Song Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by High Contrast


Born to be Akira

A music video I made a while ago about the popular anime Akira. This one is still quite rough and needs re-editing but its still quite enjoyable. The songs are Born to do it and Girl from the codeine city mixed together both by Rusko.




§ 2 Responses to My Video Archive

  • Oonya says:

    skyeway is a wonderful journey! where you find the footage? it is a complete story visually but maybe the sound could be less one dimensional?
    Keep it up!

  • Oonya says:

    Underwater flying is great! It really carries you on the journey. Keep flying and sharing . . .

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