The Way Things Go

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Footage from:Video: The Way Things Go

By Peter Fischili and David Weiss

From this location

Filmed in 1987

This is purely a post designed for comparison for my CMP Blog  post that is about Honda’s The Cog advert

I haven’t modified anything about the video except the size because the original version was too large to upload. So I made it smaller and framed it in darkness.

The quality has been reduced by this sites video compressor.

Songs used: Every Curl of His Beard – Carrington, Yonderboi – track 4, Lupe Fiasco – Dumb it Down. These were the tracks that I was listening to while recording the footage that I thought would fit the sequence or that I like.



Final Cut Pro Tutorial Notes

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My notes were taken in the form of bullet points of things that are important to remember when working with FCP. For those of you who missed the lesson or would like to see what was covered you can download my file which contains the notes. I hope it helps. Final Cut Pro Tutorial Notes



Contemporary Media Practice – Skye

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My Name is Sonan Kempadoo-Smith but most people call me Skye. I Study Contemporary Media Practice at the University of Westminster in Harrow, London, UK. This is my Personal blog. The first website I have ever created. I would like it to be a multi-purpose website which is why I have upgraded the storage space to 28 gigabyte  and  added VideoPress on this account. Firstly It will contain my coursework and research for CMP. I will be able to Upload assignments for this course to my teachers, communicate with my family,friends and classmates and express myself to all of you.  I will also create a special page for select course notes of mine that I upload into a book within the site. It will also contain my own work related to SIGHT OF SOUND. So that people I can critique my work so that I gain more insight into what people think about my work and ideas. I will also be able to use it to promote my interests in music, video, films, photography and art. This site is brand new and still in development stage…but hopefully the end result will be very useful.

See you later


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