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Firstly I would like to say Happy Birthday Andy

Download and listen to this track – MIXUPTING – by right clicking then hit save target as.





This is a 27 minute long track that I started making to view the beauty of music then decided I would make it longer and more exiting and send it out there as a birthday present to my great friend Andy. Big up man keep working hard which I know you will have a great birthday and take care of my mum while I’m gone. I miss all of you. Enjoy the music I designed it so it would be useful to you for your bodysensei classes. Let me know if you like the music.


Music Visualization

July 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I found an interesting program/ game that creates visualizations of music called The Polynomial Space of the Music

So I mixed it with some media an eye video with some masking surgery done to it in Sony Vegas and music by Tiesto and Pendulum. It was all done  as an experiment and here is the result


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