Have you ever thought of a song as a metaphor for life?

March 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Life & Music Has its Ups & DownsClick here to play track

Songs have their ups and down their highs and their lows just like people just like life does too. When a friend of mine feels down I feel like making them something to lift them back up and helping them takes me higher too. Humans are social empathic beings we feel others pain and joy almost as keenly as our own so I would like people out there to know that it is not wrong to help others. It is worse to stand by and do nothing because we think someone else will handle it. Even something like giving a warm cup of hot chocolate coffee with some caramel in it can help turn a person who was depressed and crying to regain their confidence. So boost up their self esteem a bit if you can because allot of the time when people feel down it is because they think that nobody cares about them and that they are alone with their problem that they cant reach out and tell people their secrets. But thats what we are here for! All these highrise buildings and silent stares in tubes only isolate us further a negative effect of modern life in cities all over the World. What if we talked to others on the tube like just random people we could turn that space into a social place. I think that allot of people will be willing to talk because we want to share our lives with others. We strive to be known but we don’t reach out because “its not done here” or we think they look intimidating or we don’t know them. Online socialization and electronic communication is affecting societies conventions of speech and socializations we need to realize this and stop this change in culture before its too late.

I know a girl who I used to love shes beautiful inside and out who is having problems in her life and I just wanted to make her something that would cheer her up thats why I quickly remixed this song for her.

I hope it cheers you up babe. Listen to it download it and keep it if you like it.

Mind over Matter



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