Nebula I

December 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Interlink my 3 blogs by an interactive changing virtual map with 3 main stars like in Orion’s Belt representing: – My first personal website. This is where I upload interesting videos that I make as art out of found footage. It also contains my ideas about new media projects, concepts and installations.– for uploading and posting research articles for continued coursework for critical research practice. If I can get it back when they finish  marking it – For storing my notes from tutorials, lectures, presentations, pictures, related videos, uploaded documents. Will also function like a personal blackboard. Which I can constantly update.

These 3 blogs will be the hub If I could make a I-map of the main pages inside each blog and network them into the map in the stars.

This is an Idea of mine about how to make an amazing online portfolio for myself and to create my own online workspace. I’m sure this will be useful to me for keeping track of my course modules and achieve different objectives at the same time. It will also be accessible from whatever computers I can use that have access to the internet. That means I can upload notes while I’m in the lecture I could actively research and post articles for each one.

I am currently using Windows Live Writer tool it makes writing and uploading posts much faster and easier. Also allowing for multiple uploads, video placement, adding photos, screenshots. I think this could really help me with my course because I do 75% all my coursework research and documentation electronically. Also all my notes from lectures I type while in the lecture. This way they can be downloaded for future use and stored within the internet as a backup for the originals.

An idea that was inspired by the stars

By Sonan Kempadoo-Smith



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